Two Rivers Snowfest 2019

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THANK YOU! To the volunteers, to our vendors, and to those who came out to either of the Friends of Two Rivers SnowFest Weekend of Music Events this past weekend.

While the crew is tired and recovering, we are all more energized than ever to make this great festival a reality!

Thank you to Shane Reno and Tim Strews as well as Kris Anderson and Bob Mueller for taking us on a Blast from the Past on Friday night! Also thank you to all of the volunteers who helped sell beer, soda, food and merchandise at the events. You are are too numerous to mention by name but from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

For all of our vendors that helped to support the event and that donated raffle prizes, thank you as well.

It is heart warming to be part of such a great community like Two Rivers, a community that supports something like this so well.

Keep an eye on our Facebook group as we continue to move forward with our planning for SnowFest 2020. We hope to release the official logo for the event soon and will have merchandise available for sale with the logo as well in the not to distant future.

While it was a great weekend, we look forward to even more great stuff to come!