New pal is a lovely surprise

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Feel as if you’re being watched as you traverse downtown? You’re not wrong; an observer has taken up residence inside the front window of SeedsNBeans Nature Store. She sits elegantly atop her perch and quietly oversees the comings and goings on Washington Street.

Pal is a homing pigeon who was scooped up by a kind man who saw her in distress on a residential sidewalk. He brought her to store owner Lee Hansen, who is known for his care of winged creatures. Hansen took in the malnourished bird and posted information about her in an attempt to reunite her with her people. No one has come forward, so Lee continues to care for her.

She suffered from digestive issues in her first days here, but a healthy diet quickly corrected that. She has free reign in the shop during the day, but spends most of her time in that front window. She does take naps, seeking out the netting that bags of seeds arrive wrapped in before being unpacked, and recently discovered the comfort of packing peanuts. At closing time, Pal is ushered to her large cage by Lee and son Jonah. It does sometimes require a bit of pigeon wrangling, but usually she’s quite willing to be put to bed.

When Lee arrives at the shop in the mornings, she awakens and he gently lifts her from her cage. He sits and she nestles into his neck and coos as he scratches her favorite spot on her neck. After about five minutes, she is ready to begin the day, and flies or walks to her window.

Lee is not certain Pal is a female, but has surmised that due to behavioral indications. Lee is quick to inform arriving customers that there’s a bird in the store so that no one is startled. Pal, on her end, seems not the least concerned by their presence. She’s a calm girl–and quiet; she only coos during those early morning moments with Lee. She’s a sweet fit in a shop that caters to feathered friends.

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