Timeless & True


Our quaint, small town is steeped in a sense of timelessness. Our values and our beliefs — even our buildings and architectural style — are rooted in our history. We favor function over luxury and like things that are simple and of high quality. We are in style but never trendy. Even new things are created in a timeless way. What we do has character but is never flashy. In this sense, we are true to our purpose.

However, the city is changing, just as the lake and our shores change day to day and hour to hour. We embrace this change because our sense of timelessness allows us to remember who we are and where we come from. We look to our past for inspiration and guidance, and while we may change, we will remain true to who we are.

Honoring this truth is what will help us flourish in a new era, where new businesses, industries and innovations will change the world around us. When we speak authentically about our purpose — about who we are at our core, despite change — we will attract like-minded residents, visitors, businesses and entrepreneurs who will help us look back at our past as a way of moving into the future.

We are #TrueToTwo.


Two Rivers is a historic Lake Michigan coastal community located just 90 minutes north of Milwaukee and 45 minutes southeast of Green Bay.

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City of Two Rivers
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