Arboretum offers natural respite

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A 65-acre site in Two Rivers goes from golf course to ecological center.

Van der Brohe Arboretum inculcates a vibrant bond between trees, nature, art, and people. It is a place where contemplation and discovery are fostered. Committed to the support of sylviculture, migratory stopover, stewardship of the landscape, artistic expression, and education, Van der Brohe Arboretum intimately links visitors with the natural environment through the grounds, exhibitions, and programming.  VDBA mission statement

Learn more about this important installation that not only offers nature immersion and a place for meditation and contemplation, but will benefit research as creators investigate non-traditional approaches to afforestation in this age of changing climate, provide a rich habitat for resident birds and insects and a reinvigorating stopover for migratory populations, and offer art and education to current and forthcoming generations of the humans who populate the area.

The most recent addition was last week’s installation of the foundation for an ivy tunnel, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Two Rivers.

Learn more.

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