All-season recreation & entertainment facilities planned for downtown

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A redesigned Central Park will include features for year-round recreation and entertainment.

A splash pad, a skating loop, a new bandstand, concession stand and restroom building are part of the current plans for the Central Park West 365 project. The city is actively seeking grants and donations for the estimated $1.6 million renovation. Naming and recognition opportunities are available now for everything from the bandstand to picnic tables and trees! Pavers are also available.

See an overview of the project and the naming opportunities.

Donation form.

Brick paver form.

5 Responses

    1. Yes; this plan is strictly for Central Park West, which is across the street from the area with the monument and fountains.

  1. @libby It’s not a waste of money…. tourism is the only thing this city has going for it. No industry, no manufacturers, and a city council that has few innovative ideas. If you want Two Rivers to survive get used to having tourism at the forefront.

  2. It’s all about the interstate for factories. Businesses want to be located close to the interstate . That’s the reason why Manitowoc has businesses the interstate is right there. Doesn’t matter who’s on the city council that’s just reality

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