The Patrick Gagnon Memorial Trail

Library Trail
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One year of daily photographs May 15, 2020, to May 26, 2021, taken from the same spot on the Patrick J. Gagnon Memorial Trail.

The compilation is best viewed by clicking on the “Toggle Slideshow” button in the upper right hand corner of the Flickr photo album.

The Patrick J. Gagnon Memorial Trail, dedicated in his honor Aug. 16, 2020, runs from 12th Street, through the Lester Public Library gardens, Lakeshore Park and ends at Madison Street.  Patrick served the City of Two Rivers in many capacities: Two Rivers City Council President, Lester Public Library Board of Trustees President, Two Rivers Historical Society Board, Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum Board, and the Two Rivers School District Board, just to name a few.  Patrick passed away in February 2020. We miss him greatly.

Patrick Gagnon

Observe the seasons changing, the library gardens coming into bloom, the fall colors arriving and diminishing, and the snow flying. Enjoy the show!

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